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Aerotoxic Membership

November 13, 2014

This week, we launched our membership scheme. For £25 / $40 / €32 a year, we give people:

  • The chance to contact specialist health and aviation industry professionals – doctors and lawyers.
  • A free charcoal activated facemask to protect from poisonous fume events, until we make available a free download of the ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome: Aviation’s Darkest Secret’ ebook, which will be available in late November.
  • A dedicated new FAQ section with the usual full access to our extensive an unique archive of materials, chronicling and studying the effects and causes of aerotoxic syndrome.

It’s been a long time coming and I am proud of the package and how it will help many innocent people understand and protect themselves from the dangers of toxic cabin air.

But, I regret to say, that membership cannot entirely come from public service and duty; it also comes from a place of inevitability.


Since I founded the Aerotoxic Association at the UK Houses of Parliament in 2007, I and a paid team have worked ceaselessly to raise awareness of aerotoxic syndrome and the known solutions, trying with all of our power to change the approach of governments and the airline industry who manage this serious cause of ill health with such blatant disregard.

It has been a tiring and difficult uphill struggle taking on such powerful opposition with unlimited financial resources, but we have persevered. However, it has cost a great deal of money over 7 years to provide a free service, which is clearly unsustainable.

This is where the membership scheme will be essential. As well as the perks that the membership offers, it should hopefully allow the Aerotoxic Association to continue to exist. With the contribution you provide by signing up, we can hopefully continue to fight the good fight and not let those who would silence us – win.

This is why I must encourage you to sign up. Not only would your membership benefit us, it would more than benefit you in terms of your personal health, wellbeing and knowledge of aerotoxic syndrome.

We are approaching a critical point with the Aerotoxic Association. More than ever, we need your help. Whilst we still pursue our goals with passion and resilience, we can only continue with support.

John Hoyte
Chairman, Aerotoxic Association
Former BAe 146 Training Captain


December 17, 2013

We’ve moved to – keep up date on all of the latest aerotoxic news there!